Are they really deals? We compare prices on Black Friday

Black Friday search interest still increasing in UK

According to Google, the search interest in Black Friday has only been this high for the past 5 years. Before that, it was high, but not as high as today. The search interest in the UK has since then jumped five fold in one year.

Since 2016 the interest in Black Friday has slowly been rising each year. Merchants are actually having a hard time keeping up with the interest. Many webshops struggle to keep their warehouses running. The big question this year will be: will search interest increase even more, and if so, how much?

This is a very important question for retailers. Alibaba's gross revenue in the first hour of black friday is about 5 billion pounds. UK revenues come nowhere near this number, but where will they go? And will retailers be able to keep up with demand?

Black Friday 2019 in the UK

Black Friday in the UK last year.

Last year Black Friday was another record year in the UK. Billions were spent on this day. Some retailers held deals for a week to compete with other retailers. But also to spread out the sales over a longer period of time.

With the holidays in sight people use the black friday deals to buy gifts when they're priced lower.

Black Friday in the UK

Black friday in the UK vs. other countries

Black Friday in the UK is big. But how does it stack up to the US, Europe and China? It won't suprise you that China is the biggest Black friday country in the world, but wait untill you see the UK compared with the countries in EU and USA.

Prime Day: primed to be as successful as Black Friday?

Amazon launched its fifth Prime day this year. Prime day is Amazon's global shopping event exclusively for Amazon Prime members, the paid subscription offering of Amazon. Will this event be just as successful as Black Friday?

The search interest hasn't increased much the last few years, and total searches are only at 2% of the volume of searches for Black Friday.

What can retailers and consumer expect the upcoming years? Will Prime Day be as big as Black Friday?